Victorias secret outlets

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  1. Hi everyone! Has anyone been to any of the Victorias Secret Outlet Stores in Orlando Florida Prime Outlet International or the one in Texas? Is it really worth it to go there? Are the prices really low?
  2. I love the one in Orlando! It is so organized. Last time I was there I got VS PJ sets that retail for $48 for $6.99, matching slippers were $1.99, they also had silk PJ sets for $6.99. Bras were $9.99. They had tons and tons of stuff.
  3. Wow! That's great news! I am planning to go there but as I have never been there, I was thinking twice as it might not be worth it. But as you said, they have lots of Good Stuff!!!:biggrin:
  4. I went to the Orlando outlet and got like 4 bras, 9.99 a piece, you really cant beat that!

    Has anyone been to the one in jersey? is it just as good?
  5. I've been to the one in NJ. It's also good but not very organzied. You have to be willing to dig to find things. Prices are the same.
  6. I go to the in NJ all the time, its really chaos and you really have to hunt for some good deals.
  7. the one in san marcos, texas is fantastic. it's organized, and ran like any other vic's store.

    i went in the fall and they had great deals on everything. TONS of pink collection, tons of stuff from pout (the UK cosmetics company they used to stock that is now out of business; their items were very pricey), and lots of workout gear (sports bras, yoga pants, etc.). i didn't get anything because i have so much stuff (and i was hitting up Barneys, etc.) but they had a great selection and very low prices.

    i don't think anything in the pink collection was over $14.99, and all of the fragrance stuff was marked ridiculously low.
  8. When I went to the one in Orlando in September, they had awesome prices. Panties were 10 for $20 or $25 I forget, bras were $12.99 - 14.99 for a lot of styles and they had special items for $0.99! I got a ton of underwear for my mom and some for my cousin! I'd definitely go again the next time I'm in the Orlando area.
  9. Only thing about the one in NJ is they don't carry 34C. Not sure why.
  10. Umm I know I moved to NYC 4 years ago from NJ but I have never heard of a Victoria Secret outlet in NJ! The best deals outside the store was this chick at Englishtown Flea market who had loads of VC stuff with tags cut out. They were always semi current..

    Can someone pass along the info on the NJ Outlet? Location times etc.

  11. ^ the one in nj is at the jersey gardens outlet mall.. im pretty sure its exit 13a of the turnpike.. not sure what time they open but i think they close at 9.. i love the vs outlet there! i agree you do have to be patient and dig (dont really recommend wknds it gets crazy crowded). but i have scored sooo many great deals!
  12. Wow! Those are really GREAT Deals!!! I wonder if they sell fragrances/lotions/wash also in their Outlet Stores? Are they priced low as well? And they Sets with Bags too, has anyone seen any of these items in the VS Outlets?