Victoria's Secret Models Arrive in Los Angeles 12-11-2007

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  4. The models look great, but that is the dumbest looking airplane I have ever seen.
  5. Love the boots!
  6. One of them is an aussie - go Miranda!!!!!
  7. Which one?
  8. no Gisele :sad:
  9. Wow!!! They are gorgeous!!! Thanx for the pics! That fashion show is on T.V. soon, no?
  10. They are so pretty...I hate
  11. I think the plane is kind of cute!
  12. I so wish I was on that plane...if only to fake a heart attack so that they'd take turns administering mouth to mouth.
  13. Heidi still looks good dispite those crowsfeet around her eyes.Love how the tail-end of the plane says Virgin :lol:.
  14. I heard somewhere that Victoria's secret is getting a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame....

    ANd i agree, DUMB looking plane. HAH!
  15. My SO has a thing for the girl name Alessandra Ambrosio..I don't blame him she's gorgeous.