Victorias Secret looking like Choo?

  1. I just got a new spring catalogue from VS and I swear, there are several pairs of shoes that look like Choos! The new sandal low heel wedges that I so love...VS has them...for $39! There is also a handbag by Fortuna Valentino(?) that is trying to lool like the Ramona...the shoes I can take cause I hate to spend over $600. for a pair of trendy sandals. But the handbags:cursing:
  2. EEEK!!! Every store I see seems to be knocking off designer designs (Guess, Forever21, etc.). But I agree, shoes are one thing, but handbags :push::nogood:
  3. I know what you mean. I wish there was so way to copyright designs or styles of bags. I hate seeing cheap copies of bags I love!
  4. You're totally right :tdown:
  5. :huh: The nerve.. Jm - please post pics! I want to see which these are.
  6. Abi, I scanned it, but am having trouble sizing so I can add the picture. It is too big. I have a new computer and printer so I will continue to try. The shoes are not exactly like the Choos, but they are cute little wedge sandals in metallics and patents. They are in the new hot spring catalogue, but pics don't show up on the VS site yet.
  7. Well then. This actually worked in my favor. Thanks JM! :flowers:

    I went to check out the faux Ramona but the sale stuff came up. So then I was looking at boots and there they were. An exact freaking knock-off of my beloved Michael Kors suede boots for 1/5 of what I paid, and I bought 2 pair of the MK last season! :sad: But not in grey as MK didn't do greay...and VS has them in grey for $89. So since I've been looking for a pair of grey suede boots, I just bought the stupid VS boots.

    I know they also knocked off a pair of Balenciaga boots that were highly coveted after one of the Olsen girls was spotted wearing them. And from the comments on the Balenciaga forum they were also pretty much an exact knock off.

    I'm interested to see this "Ramona". I hope it's not too close to the original, that would stink! :tdown:
  8. It's not anywhere close to a mirror image, just has the double belt and rings. They do have cute boots and shoes tho! I bought a couple of pairs of sandals as they were so inexpensive!
  9. Jm - too bad.. Well, just post pics when your scanner and computer's not giving you an attitude.

    Stinker - sorry to hear about the MK boots. Well, at least you got something for knock around suede boots ey? So, kind of like a blessing in disguise..

    How much are they selling the "Ramona" for?
  10. I am confused by the post... what makes it ok to copy shoes and not bags???
  11. ^It's NOT Ok. Sometimes you just get tired of fighting the fight. We all make our choices and a lot of those choices are based on finances.

    Look, I HATE it when I see women carrying fake bags from "Goach" to Hermes, but who am I to judge? It was their choice to buy, and carry, that bag for whatever reason they may have. Of course it bothers me a whole lot more if said bag is a designer bag that I happened to pay the big bucks for.

    I was pissed, pure and simple. The boots that VS was offering were identical to the 2 pair of MK boots that I paid a lot for. I love the style, MK didn't do the boots in grey suede as did VS, so I bought them.

    As did many of the Balenciaga girls when they saw the nearly identical boots that so many people coveted that Balenciaga was offering for a whole lot more, and the Balenciaga boots were long sold out.

    In the end, no excuse other than you do what you feel comfortable with and then get on with the business of living!
  12. The shoes are not exact copies! Nor are they knock-offs manufactured illegally and smuggled into the country. They are lower priced shoes that have the same appearance/style.
    The handbag is not even that just has the double belt thru rings.
  13. I'm not familiar with the Choo "inspired" bags or shoes, I haven't seen those but from what JM is describing there is quite a bit of a difference.

    In my case, the suede boots I bought are an almost exact copy of Michael Kors boots. From the photos I've seen they look identical to the 2 pair of MK boots I already own. But oh well, MK didn't do them in grey suede. Or at that price! :nogood:

    But VS isn't selling them as MK, and to me copying the style of a designer is a whole lot different than a blatant knock-off that's carrying the designer name.

    Besides, if it ever becomes illegal for one designer to copy the styles of another? Steve Madden, for one, will be out of business tomorrow! I don't know how he gets away with some of his shoes/boots. I'm surprised MK and Marc Jacobs haven't had him roughed up a bit by now! :boxing:
  14. I think if it ever became illegal to copy a top level designer, the whole fashion industry would collapse.
    Sorry about you boots Stinker, but you know you can always give the "sweetie, these are the boots that inspired the VS style" attitude. :biggrin:
  15. So I think this is where the steep price of quality does come in. You just know - well at least the people in the know - how the quality varies. And the more unique the product and quality = oh more $.

    As bella puts it - it's good to own the "inspiration" itself than the "inspired" version(s). ;)