Victoria's Secret Lip Plumper...

  1. Does anyone have this? And does it work? Sticky?

    Thanks ;)
  2. I have tried this and it stings. IMO does not work.
  3. yikes. thanks hubbawubba!
  4. What other lip plumpers can anyone recommend? I don't have thin lips but it'll be nice to have them look at little more poutier
  5. Yeah I gave it to a friend of mine by mistake and apparently she went "OMG what the hell was that and how could you give this to me!" She said it burned her lips. It was really funny, you had to be there. According to the description the the VS site, it says your lips feel as hot as they look. LOL I really like LipFusion and City Lips.
  6. I second the CityLips... even tho I look so dumb when I use those lip plumpers, I still keep buying them LOL.
  7. cool thanks girls!