Victoria's Secret Juicy Inspired Handbags with Garden Fragrances

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  1. Ok, just went to the Victoria's Secret website and noticed that they are selling Garden Collection Gift Bags in their Beauty Section that look awfully like Juicy Couture bags! :confused1: They've ripped off the bowler and the barrel bag... what do you guys think? I've noticed that lately VS is selling a lot of gift bags that look like Prada, Coach, YSL... your thoughts? What do you think when you see others carrying around these 'fake' gift bags?
  2. I totally agree with you!!! that's exactly what i think whenever i go in there, and personally, it annoys me a lot.
  3. I saw them on monday,its annoyed me abit.
  4. I saw them. They're designer inspired I guess you can say. Those don't bother me really as much as knock offs do.
  5. Pretty much everything in VS (including the lingerie, they consistently copy felina, agent provacateur, cosabella, la perla etc.) is a knockoff of something else. take their pink line for instance: complete juicy collegiate collection knockoffs. Don't even getme started on the quality...But they are knockoffs (inspired by), not replicas, which are using brand names to its legal...
  6. yeah, the pink line is inspired by juicy, definately. i see alot of the same stuff as juicy except sometimes it seems like vs gets it out first. i still love victorias secret though
  7. I know! I gave my friend a coach bag for her birthday/christmas (yes, many moons later we JUST got together and exchanged gifts :/) and she gave me a bag with lotion from VS that looks like the Coach bag I just got. I thought it was really weird how similar it looked.
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