Victoria's Secret "incredible" bra

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  1. Has anyone purchased one yet? Just looking for reviews.
  2. I was wondering about this too....
  3. I did, and despite me having bra fit issues anyway, it runs huge. I am somewhere around a 32B or a 30C from what I have figured out recently, and the 32A in the incredible caused some gaping at the top of the cup.

    Aside from that, it is a great bra, the straps don't adjust and they were too long for me so that was an issue as well. I love the seamlessness of it and the wider strap and band, it seemed like it would be very comfortable if I wasn't sized out.
  4. I didn't like this bra at all. I found it looked unattractive on, on top of the bad fit. The straps aren't adjustable so that adds to the poor fit, perhaps because I'm rather tiny and have to tighten my bra straps up quite a bit so that it's snug. This bra was definitely a disappointment, I went for a Very Sexy bra instead.
  5. I purchased the demi and push up. The push up gaps at the top which is odd, I'm a c cup so this shouldn't be a problem. Not sure if I'll keep that one or not.