Victoria's Secret IN-STORE semi-annual sale

  1. When does the VS in-store sale begin?
  2. I called last week, I was told TOMORROW - TUESDAY 6/19
  3. I went to a VS yesterday and it was already in progress! Got two bras for 40 bucks!!! :yes:
  4. Guess I'm going to have to call my local store...
  5. I just called. It starts tomorrow, the 19th.
  6. Sale starts tomorrow 6/19 at 9:00am. I plan to be there right when it opens!
  7. yup, got a catalog sat. and it said tomorrow .... I am trying to convince myself to not go near the place this time!! :p
  8. Express is also starting extra markdowns tomorrow too
  9. why does everything start earlier in LA? lol
  10. I just came back from the sale and it was okay. Some of the past sales have been better.
  11. just came back from the sale. They had a lot of good stuff I got about $300 of stuff for $75!! I loved it
  12. Did you see any pink stuff (i.e: pants) on sale?
  13. I saw some PINK sweats
  14. lots of bras for about 40-50% off and betsey johnson nightwear.

    don't they usually do an additional 50% off redlines after a little while? Don't remember when but our store did that during their last semi-annual sale and stuff was dirt cheap (like pink sweats at like $6-7)
  15. Almost every PINK item was onsale.