Victoria's Secret - I hit the Jackpot!

  1. VS has started the "take an extra 50% off the lowest price" on thier semi-annual sale sleepwear!!! I have 1 mall in town that is not AS crowded as the others, so I ended up with over $700 worth of PINK sleepwear and sweats for $155!! It started yesturday, so if your supply is not to picked over it is worth the trip!
  2. oh wow thanks!
  3. Thank you so much for the info! I was already going to the mall today, so I will definitely stop in VS!
  4. I shopped and made out like a bandit too! Actually I was at my store last week and the store had a PC gliche and my whole order came up 50% off. I went to another store thinking it was all like that and was promptly told "It was a mistake, consider yourself LUCKY" LOL My daughter was thrilled, she is outfitted in pink now!
  5. gonna go there
  6. They also have 50% off anything PINK! So I got 5 pair of undies for 8.50. Major score! :smile:
  7. Thanks for posting! I just got 8 things for right under $50. Go while they still have the good stuff!!
  8. Is this only in the store?
  9. Oh, I went to VS the other day and i got myself some pj sweats pants and a tank top.. its was all 50% off.. great deal! i want to go back and get some more stuff.
  10. I got a bunch of $20 shirts for $3.00 each!! Pink Sweats for $7.99 its a sick sale!!
  11. WOw THATS great luck for a less populated mall shame that isn't the case at the mall near me.
  12. Wow I am so jealous! I went to VS today and got a PINK bra and sleep shirt and it wasn't 50% off...I wonder why I didn't get the discount?
  13. does anyone know when the semi anual sale ends?
  14. You have to buy the REDLINED pink. I went to another store and they had nothing left. Just depends on the store for the inventory. I wish the website did this! LOL
  15. i went today, too! got 8 pairs of body by victoria undies for $19. (this is the first time EVER that they have carried my size during a sale, let alone this late in the sale!) woo hoo!