Victoria's Secret hoodie: Where to buy

  1. I'm looking for the hoodie below but I can't find it anywhere but on the site of Victoria's Secret. I'm not planning to pay a loooot of money for shipping+ a lot of tax+ a lot of money for just getting it into this country (stupid dutch rules).
    So does anyone know a good and reliable seller on eBay or something like that.... (or if you're selling it in size L pleaseee PM me whahahaha :graucho::graucho::p)

  2. no soliciting sales on our message board. please review our rules before posting further.
  3. Owh sorry. Was just meant as a joke...
    You can edit it out or something like that :smile:
  4. VS is having a sale right now. I saw Hoodies for 12.00 at my local VS.
  5. Yeah but I'm in the Netherlands so if I want to buy one I have to order from the webshop which will cost me a lot of money for shipping and before the postoffice will deliver it to me I have to pay even more money (because it's not from europe).
    So the only way for me to get it is from eBay or if someone in the USA buys it for me and sends it to me (= less shipping and no extra fees)
  6. Sorry, I didn't look at your location.
  7. wow.. i love that hoodie...