Victoria's Secret Fashion Show...

  1. anyone gonna watch tonight?

    Me and my SO are gonna watch it tonight I told him to take it easy on the comments lol
  2. LOL Yes I love to watch fashion shows & I love VS. Isn't this the first year that the Pink collection is gonna be in the show?
  3. Is it? I don't know...I love VS stuff
  4. Really??! Tonight? What time and what network?
  5. tonight at 10pmE/9pmC on CBS
  6. ^^Thanks!!! Can't wait to watch it!
  7. I'm for sure watching it. Justin Timberlake is performing too! I can't wait
  8. And, ladies, it's tonight at 10 on CBS.
  9. I am watchin it tonight.
  10. watching it right now! it's hot!
  11. Im also waiting up for it!

    Love Victoria Secret! I wish they had it in Canada.
    Whenever I go down to the states (which is about 1.5 hour away), I always visit the store.
  12. 10:00 PM Pacific time?
  13. I got to catch Justin's last song and the million dollar bra! Woowww!!
  14. Yup watched it, last years was better. Although, JT was amazing.