Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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  1. So which of you are going to watch it?? I know it will only make me feel like I can never compare to those hotties, but I can't not watch it tonight!!! I have a feeling that fried dinner from the local Tai restaurant is going to make me feel like I need to do some lunges and abs to look hot like the fab ladies of VS :shame:

    Which of you plan on watching it?
  2. hey thanks for reminding me, i'm gonna check to see if it's on now. do you know what time it starts?
  3. I know how you feel... watching it will make me feel like I shouldn't have eaten the 2... (or was it 3 or 4? :shame: ) butter cookies - oh yeah, and throw in a Reese's peanut butter cup - at the office today. Maybe I'll turn it on for background noise while I catch up on some reading. I have a pile of magazines to go through!
  4. 10/9 C on CBS.... I'm excited!
  5. I always think that after such a highly publicized event (that every man knows about and has been waiting and drooling over) how I can feel like I will ever be desired! Ha. JK. But I know that I will hear at least 10 comments tomorrow from guys, which is always a little bit awkward- because how do you respond to "Omg those girls are perfect!".

    And, I'm going to go do a sit up or 2... Just kidding!! I actually love watching these shows
  6. just say something like, oh i totally agree! did you see adriana lima? she is totally hot and sexy in that ______, just to see how they react, and maybe it'll shock them and they'll shut up and think.
  7. ^^ I always do that!! Because I actually do think these ladies are gorgeous!! I surely would not mind looking like them. I saw some behind the scenes clips from it and it is all candy themed- I can't wait to see it. It looks like so much fun to do that show
  8. it's starting now!!!! i'm starting to drool. lol good eye candy the music is too corny...
  9. They are so sexy. I want to model!!
  10. i wish i looked like them!!!
  11. YES!! Some of them are too skinny for my liking actually. I think there is a difference between being slim for your body and being a little more on the skinny side... you know what I mean?
  12. yeah totally i saw some ribs poking out there that didn't look too appealing, but i love alexandra ambrosia (spell)?
  13. Looks right to me.. Ha. (I like how you and are I conversing during the show! Vlad is working on putting up a live chat so that would be helpful right about now!)
  14. ok cool can't wait for the chat.
    that was totally hot with the shadow of the girl on the chair taking off her panties. lol
    how do they walk with this killer heels and wings? must be killer heavy on their shoulders.
  15. I would think it is quite heavy- they do it so sexily. Wow, I want to be a VS girl!! And yes, that shadow was completely sexy

    I bet the men will be talking about that!