Victoria's Secret Deal!

  1. Get a sweater, scarf/hat/glove set, Beauty gift set, and lip gloss for less than $20...

    Here's how:

    Select a sweater (I chose a Henley that was on sale for $16.99)

    Add it to bag. It will ask you to select a color for your free Hat/scarf/glove set. Select, add to bag.

    Go to checkout. Check box that asks if you have a promo code.

    Enter the following codes: GIFTSET, SHINE, SHADE4, and FA78137 (the last one takes $5 off your order).

    In your cart, it should have your sweater, a free hat set, a free gifts set, and a free lip gloss for some where around $20 (unless you picked a sweater that costs more than $20)

    Happy shopping!
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  2. wow very smart.. thanks! I might try!!!
  3. thank you! i just got the merino wool turtleneck with bib front ($27.99 in the clearance catalog) with all the goodies for $24.09!

    I love stackable codes! Thank you!
  4. Wow! Smart!
    I went ahead and purchased a sweater and using those codes except the last one because the last code, FA78137, is for first time purchase only.
    Last time I use this type of code and ended up receiving a phone call from VS and saying I wasn't qualify for the code.
  5. Can I buy two sweaters in two different transactions to get 2 freebies?

  6. your account might get flagged because it is limit one per person. you can try to make 2 accounts with diff. shipping and email addy.

    this deal is not that guaranteed since many people have been doing this on other forums and it alerted vs to look at the orders more carefully.
  7. thanks butterfly hips!

    I got myself a cardigan, the scarf set, and the other freebies for $19.95 including shipping :tup:
  8. Yay! I got a boucle sweater on clearance and all the freebies for $16.90!
  9. Thanks for posting! :tup:
  10. Thanks for posting! Got a cardigan and the freebies this evening. :tup:

    (This worked out great - I went to the mall earlier looking for a cute cardigan and came home empty handed, and now I not only got a cute sweater, but fun freebies too! :yahoo:)
  11. How do the sweater sizes run for VS? Pretty true to size? I'm stuck at checkout b/c I'm contemplating between a M and L for a cotton ribbed turtleneck. I don't want it to be too tight where it accentuates all my rolls... yet I don't want it too big where it takes away all the flattery... help.
  12. AND if you ladies' total amount purchased is more than $100.. use code GIVEVS instead of FA78137.. you will get
    $15 off from $100 worth of order
    $30 off from $150
    $75 off from $250
    $150 off from $500

    I tried to use both FA78137 and GIVEVS (LOL!).. apparently, you can use only either the FA78137 or the GIVEVS to get $ off from the total amount purchased.. drats!!! hee hee
  13. you can't ever use Free Ship code with a Tiered code(money off)
    i know cuz i called my order into a VS customer service one time...
    choose your codes wisely becuz VS might flag your account if they think you have too many that you don't qualify for...
  14. Thanks for posting this! What a great deal!
  15. I just ordered and the SHADE4 code did not work for me. It said it was no longer active. I did get the free scarf, glove, and hat set and the lip gloss set though!