Victoria's Secret codes?

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  1. Hi eveyone:

    I want to buy a few things from VS and I wonder if anyone has any codes from them that I can use? Also can you use coupon codes with phone orders?

    I want to thank eveyone in advance and wish eveyone a happy holiday!! :yahoo:
  2. From the Semi-annual clearance catalog:

    Free ship over $100- FA64441

    Also some BBV bras @ 19.99 not up on the web yet-enter the catalog item # to get the sale price

    BBV T-shirt Bra $19.99-WX-202-140
    Lustre Bra $19.99-Demi-WX-199-244
    Full Coverage-WX-199-246

    IPex @ $24.99

    Full coverage-VV-188-229

    Good luck and happy shopping :smile:
  3. Hey Harlem:

    I did get the catalong you are talking about, and i did try the BBV on sale bars and the web site said not found!!! ahhhhh~!

    thanks for the reply
  4. Free shipping is code SEMI
  5. The same thing happened to me. The customer service rep. had me type in the item # from the catalog and it worked great. Have fun shopping!:yahoo: