victoria's secret codes

  1. Thank you so much, I really needed it! I used the first one.
  2. All of the codes listed in this thread have already been redeemed. Oh well. Thanks anyway. :huh:
  3. I won't be using this code so hope one of you lovely TPFers finds use for it:

    $10 off your order:

    Offer code: SP1230289

    Certificate number: 240656293
  4. Two more $10 off your order coupons.

    CODE: SP1230289
    Certificate Number: 345251440

    CODE: SP1230289
    Certificate Number: 341792958

    Both expires on February 14th.
  5. Here is a $10.00 one as well!

    Code Number: SP1230289
    Certificate Number: 335023778
    Exp: 2/14/2012
  6. Here is a $10.00 one as well!

    Code Number: SP1230289
    Certificate Number: 219146557
    Exp: 2/14/2012
  7. ANY new codes? I need one. Thank you, please pm.
  8. I have two codes that can be taken if anyone is interested

    $10 off a bra (expires Feb 27)
    $10 off a bra (valid 2/28-3/4)
    Free Getaway Bag with $75 purchase (valid 2/28-3/4)

    Pm me for the information

    If anyone has any more of the $10 I could really use one! Please make sure you don't post the info, it has to go through PM or VS marks it as invalid!
  9. all taken except:

    $10 off a bra (valid 2/28-3/4)

    girls who are paying with their VS card, enter earlyangel to get one a secret rewards card until the 29th
  10. can someone pm me with the code?
    thank you
  11. any codes someone not using please pm me?
  12. bump!
  13. $10 off coupon.

    offer code: SP1231357
    certificate number: 334412976
    expires: 6/15/12
  14. bump! ne1 with a code with no min purchase? TIA!
  15. :bump: Please PM if you have a code ;)