Victoria's Secret Code

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  1. I know if you go to their website they have a coupon you can use to get money off- varies by how much you spend. Just type in AUG and it's good until 9/6.

    Do you know how I can find a code for free shipping? HELP!!!

  2. do you have the vs card? cuz most of the discounts are only available with the card.

    free shipping is usually not combined with $ off offers and they usually come with buying a specific item.

    Before I buy something from VS online I always go to to serach their coupon forums

    posted below is a combined coupon list posted by punkrawkperrdy on

    try them out because many you will need the card for the discount
  3. Thanks so much harlem_cutie!!!!:flowers: That is such a help! I don't have a VS card! I was hoping I could combine coupons!
  4. Thanks so much harlem_cutie! I've been looking all over the Internet for just the shipping code, and thanks to you, I found more then that!
  5. For free shipping you can use the code FSHIP on orders of $100 or more for the US
  6. Do I get free panties for entering PASS0906 with a September order? And will the birthday code work if it's not my birthday ?
  7. Will these codes work for Canada or are they all just for the US?
  8. Most of these ones should work. I have the Victoria's Secret thread bookmarked at slickdeals. ;) Try the codes out by going through the checkout process. The ones that say they are expired don't usually expire until a couple of days after they say (they're slow updating the website). Stack them with code FA63145 (expires the 5th of October), which is one of the 10% off for Canadians codes.

    FA64057-Buy any sweater, get a Hat, Scarf & Gloves for $25 -12/22/06)

    FA62677 - Free cotton panty plus $10 off w/ any ANGELS, BBV or VERY SEXY bra purchase- 10-19-06

    FA64225, FA64153, FA64177, FA64189- Fee PINK! panty (I thought this one was for if you bought a PINK bra, but I can't seem to get it to work anymore and it has nothing to do with being Canadian. I tested it out a little while ago and it was working for me.)

    FA62773 - $5.00 off any $20.00 very sexy color purchase

    VSEXY- Buy one very sexy bra and get the second for 15$ off.

    FA63949 - $10 off any PINK Bra-ex-9-30-06

    Dream- 15$ sample tote with any 35$ dream angle purchase.

    MR43, MR73, MR74, MR22, MR23 and MR79- Free tote with 50$ purchase.-10-1-06
  9. thanks for the info.. should check it out..
  10. Yeah thanks for the codes, I love their Shampoo (so sexy) and conditioner, nothing like it. Smells incredible and makes your hair so freaking soft. My DH lvoes it too!!
  11. ^^^Thanks Selena- I have to try that shampoo!
  12. thx a lot for the codes harlem_cutie and Gloworm!
    I always look for VS codes:smile:
  13. Yay! Thanks for the code girls! I'm definitely going to order my coat now.

    Well, after I found out what size I should be order (ugh, useless size charts!!)
  14. any current codes?? would apperciate it
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