victoria's secret clothing?

  1. Has anyone ever ordered any coats from

    How's the quality of their outerwear? and how do they fit?

    They have some cute coats on their site right now and I was wondering if it was worth ordering from?

    TIA! :yes:
  2. Nop. Arent they cute tho?? I personally love this one

  3. yuppp love that ^ and the military coat too!
  4. OMG I have never really looked at VS clothes. How Cute!!! Everything is adorable down to the UGG cellphone holders.
  5. I have bought their clothes before, and I always found it to be good quality. Not sure about the jackets, but I would just go for it! they are cute!
  6. i ordered clothes from victorias secret a year or two ago and i found that the quality was less than what i was happy with. the clothes always look really good in the magazines, but they fit really weird. the materials used do not have a very good hand feel to them. i would be careful with ordering wool jackets because you might end up with one that is really hard or attracts a lot of lint.
  7. Sorry, but I'd have to agree with azalea. Most of my friends have at point or another ordered clothes from VS, and every single one of them returned whatever they bought. Apparently there's something really wrong with the sizing and especially the fit. My friends think that perhaps the clothes are pinned on the back to look more fitted on the models, because they never look like that in person.
  8. ^^ Yeah, I agree. I've ordered clothes from VS before but I thought they were just cheap and tacky when they arrived. Inferior material and fit. :tdown:
  9. ^ :yes:

    If you've ever ordered clothes from somewhere like Newport News, the clothes are very comparable to VS. Some of the pieces are very cute, but they aren't high quality. They aren't that bad, I just wouldn't buy anything that wasn't on sale. Also, they run BIG.
  10. I've ordered clothes & really don't think they're top quality at all.
    I have a couple of pairs of shorts that I got on sale for like 12.99 and honestly that's what they're worth IMO.
    My stepdau also has a VS coat that looked beautiful in the catalog pix but is the thinnest coat ever - not warm like the pix/description made it seem.
    WAY overpriced. As far as sizing the coat was true to size.
  11. I had the same mistake when ordered their clothes once.
  12. Unless it's on sale, I avoid ordering clothing from VS. Like everyone else, I've felt that the fabric isn't really worth the full price.
  13. The stuff is cute and the quality isn't terrible, it's just really hit or miss on the sizing. Order the size you usually wear and 1 size bigger AND smaller to make sure you get something that fits. Just return the rest!
  14. I have always heard bad things about the quality of their clothes - cheap, ill-fitting, overpriced, etc. Not to mention the hassle of returning things!

    I was considering ordering a dress and a friend told me, "there's a reason why they only sell the clothes through a catalog, not in-store."