Victoria's Secret clothing

  1. Hey guys,
    I was wondering if any of you have ever bought any of the clothes from VS online. How is the quality/sizing? And what do you think of their styles?

    I'm talking about the stuff you can't buy in the stores (dresses, tops, shoes)
  2. Here are a few dresses I liked:


  3. I would say don't believe everything you see. What you drool over on the catalogue may not be what ends up on your body. I was a VS faithful till I received two pieces of clothing that had different cuts from what I saw on the catalogue, 2 consecutive times. The better pieces are the ones manufactured in Korea, the horrible ones with compromising cuts and materials are manufactured in China. So perhaps it would help to email them to ask. I'm so disappointed with the inferior quality that I immediately trash their catalogue when I receive it in the mail. Im sorry to be a wet blanket but if you still wanna buy from them, I'd say the clothing run true-to size.
  4. I got a top from VS online recently and i LOVE it!
    I'm planning on buying some more things from there.
    If you do get the dresses then you can always send them back if they arnt right for you!
  5. I purchased some things and they went right back.
    Bad quality.
  6. My bf's mom bought a top from them and it was horrible. She sent it back.
  7. I only ordered from them once but I wasn't happy either. They own Express and The Limited so I can usually find similar items there.
  8. I've bought a few sweaters from VS. I actually really liked them.

    What I noticed thought that their size were a lot bigger. I usually wear an S, but when my S size sweaters arrived, they could fit 2 of me. I exchanged them all for XS.
  9. I've only bought clothing once from them and like many other people, it went right back to VS. Quality was terrible, it looked cheap, and it didn't even fit well. From what I remember their clothes run a little on the larger side.
  10. I love their pink collection but besides that I have returned everything. very poor quality in my opinion.
  11. they run big and i think bad quality too.
  12. I know you said clothing, but I had a bad VS experience... I am from Canada, and love going to the US to buy my bras and undies from VS (such amazing quality, selection, colours, fabrics, etc). I ordered a bikini from VS a few months ago and was incredibly disappointed. The sizing was WAY off, the fabric was awful, and the details were very cheap looking. Obviously I returned it and got the full refund, but personally I will never order anything again... You never know what you'll get!
  13. Wow, thanks for all the input! I suppose I'll play it safe and not order anything b/c I don't want to be disappointed and have to go through the hassle of having to return things through the mail. It's too bad they don't have stores that sell regular clothes..
  14. Actually most of the clothes aren't even made by VS. Excluding the specific brand labels that they feature, most of the clothing in the Victoria's Secret catalog is manufactured by some really random company (I believe it was Moda?) so the quality and fit are really wonky. VS just acts as their vendor and sells their clothing in their catalog, there's no other affiliation. The only "clothes" that VS makes is the PINK collection, but I think VS considers that lounge/sleep wear.
  15. I have bought some clothing items from them. The quality really depends on the item. I have bought some dresses from them and they fit me really well. I am really petite so the xxs fits me well. I think it all depends on the item.