Victoria's Secret Clothing

  1. I made a post a while back about ordering some stuff, and most advised me against it. Well I finally received my package! I ordered five tops, and four were true to size and fit really well. I think it's because they were stretchy tops. The other top I ordered was silk and was smaller on top but huge towards the bottom. i'm guessing it's because they were too cheap to put in a zipper. I'm a size 2 and it fit my size 10 mother! It's really pretty, so I'm going to keep it and get it tailored.

    My advice to those looking to buy their clothing is never pay retail!! The quality is mediocre for the sale price I paid (about $10 - $23) but if you pay the $50 - $80 they charge, you will be VERY dissapointed. A lot of members complained that the stuff was way too big. If you buy tank tops I don't think that's the case, but for shirts I would size down. I've included pictures to give people an idea of what fits and what doesn't.


    doesn't fit

    I think I'll order from them again, but only if it's on clearance and free shipping
  2. I was not impressed at all of the quality of their clothing, especially at the prices they charge. I would only order if it was extremely cheap. I think they could use better material.
  3. Happy that some of the items fit you, pretty choices btw
  4. Cute tops...I would definitely not spend a lot on VS clothing IMO...clearance is great. Good to know about sizing!
  5. Lovely tops! Wish they had it here in Europe!
  6. All of their clothing sizes are off IMO and they STRETCH. I have a tank top from them in small and it's HUGE on me - huuuuuuuge. Same with a few other ribbed tops and even their XS lounge pants are super baggy on me. You'd think it'd be the opposite with their super skinny models huh?
  7. The models make the clothes look alot better than they really are.
  8. thanks for the advice!
  9. My cousin worked for VS for several years... she was a call center manager. When I asked her about the clothing, she said "Don't!"

    I have really noticed that the quality has fallen big time since the mid 90s. I used to like the silk nighties and slips, but now it's all polyester. Yuck!

  10. :yes:
  11. I, too, have had issues with the quality of their clothing with the exception of their jeans (London jean specifically). For some reason they fit me pretty perfectly so I get most of my jeans from VS and they're still wearing strong.
  12. Maybe b/c the jeans are made by a different company and not Moda International. People seem to have the most problems with Moda clothing b/c everything in their PINK line is made by VS's own company and the quality/fit is great.
  13. I would never spend alot of money on their clothes. I do like Victoria's Secret Lingerie though, that I don't mind splurging on.
  14. i love VS pink line. I have the sweat pants in every color. All the other clothes I would not buy, quaility seems cheap.

  15. Ah okay! I didn't know that, definitely makes sense though. I'll make sure to avoid the stuff made by Moda International then :push:.