Victoria's Secret clothes sizing help!!!!

  1. Does anyone have any idea how their clothes sizes run?? I looked at the size chart and I'm between an XS and a S and I don't know which to get. Help!
  2. I think they run tts to slightly big. I am between XS and S in most brands and in VS, I am definitely an XS. Hope that helps!
  3. it's been a few years since the last time i ordered any clothing from their website... but everything i got ran a little big on me.
  4. if you can help it, i strongly, strongly recommend against VS clothing. i don't know how many times i've ordered clothing from them because they look cute on the model, but when i get it, it's always ALWAYS GINORMOUS and bad quality. i don't know how many times i've ordered a small, got it and it was like a Large, then sent it back for XS, only it was more like a medium-large, and had to send it back for XXS, and only then would it fit only slightly looser. I'm not even that small a person - usually i buy small or XS at places like jcrew and banana republic, which i don't think sizes true to begin with... anyway, VS's clothes are made by Moda, who isn't of the highest quality. The clothes really don't have much shape, and look like they would easily loose the shape after just a few washes. I've never bought clothing from VS that i was satisfied with, so now I've learned to just turn the other way whenever I get their catalog and see all the cute clothes. By the way, I think their OWN clothes are okay, aka their Pink line, etc. Lingerie and sleepwear (and bras, of course) are what they're known for, and it's really what they're good at making.
  5. Oh no!! I already ordered a couple of tops last night! I assumed that their clothing was made by them... I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed that they all fit. The return shipping is only $5 and I got it shipped to me for free, so it won't be so bad if i have to return stuff.
  6. Fingers crossed for you. I have had bad luck with buying clothes from VS- their sizing is horrible. I think XS is really a large, and I totally agree that the clothes(especially dresses) are shapeless
  7. Their stuff runs really big IMO. I always size down if I buy something from them.
  8. Wow, I was just going to start a thread asking the same question!!!! I wanted to order some of their casual tanks for summer, it's already hot here in AZ. I wear medium in Banana Republic, J Crew, so I wanted to make sure a medium would be okay, sometimes in the tanks they can run small. Just wondering, but maybe I should just go w/ a medium?????
  9. ^^ i think you should probably order one size down, at least...

    i usually wear s or XS at banana republic and jcrew, and XS definitely fits me way too big at VS. but if you've had personal experience with tanks fitting small on you at your regular size, you probably know best...
  10. I'd have to agree with some of the other posters. :sad: I'm usually a small in most companies, and an XS at Victoria's Secret "kinda fits." I don't like my clothes too tight, and they're... well, on the edge of fitting.

    They have some cute things, though. I like their "bra-top" dresses and boucle sweaters.
  11. I'm getting ready to there this morning to get my pants that match my jacket. VS screwed up my exchange on a pair of pants, then they ran out of the pants from corporate and are no longer making them. :crybaby: So now I have to go to the store and hope they have them, which the store I called said they did. So VS is sending me a $20 giftcard to make up for the fiasco. :smile: Anyways, as far as their clothing make sure you size down on regular clothing. As far as sweats, those are pretty true to size. It just depends on what you order. I hope you don't have to send back anything, but make sure you keep up with your orders and packages though. VS has really good customer service just in case.
  12. this has happened to me SO many times also....i always think it wont happen the next time and it always even happened with a bathing suit i just ordered...the top is perfect but i odered the boy short in XS and they are HUGE their sizes are never ever right!
  13. Def. size down. I normally wear small bottoms, and I just got an XS in a pair of linen pants that fits well. In my experience it's the same with their tops.

    I think the quality of their clothing is very hit-or-miss...their bra tops are great and I love the linen pants and think they'll last well. However, I got a bikini from them about 2 years ago and don't care for it at all. I've worn it maybe twice.
  14. i order work clothes from there all the time and the size chart was correct. i wear a size 25 in jeans...or a size 2, but i order a size 4 in their pants so i have a little bit more room. i wear a size small in their shirts. i would say everything is pretty much true to size.
  15. their clothes run really really big! prepare to be disappointed, their stuff might look nice in the catalogs but the quality is horrible! also, the things do not fit well at all. i'm sure they pin it a lot for pictures to make things fit.

    good luck though! i hope your experience with them is better than mine.