Victoria's Secret breast enhancers. Anyone try these?

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  1. Thanks for asking this. I really want to know this too. Also, how are you supposed to where these? Are you supposed to get a bigger bra size, so that they will fit?
  2. wow, 2 cups bigger..that's pretty big..
    sorry never tired any. anybody??
  3. My friend wears those,but not from victoria secret----beleive me----works great!!!
  4. I have these....I bought them at NM langerie department...I strongly recommend these to anyone who needs extra help...they are truly great.
  5. what product are we talking about exactly? VS has a lot of breast enhancement products.
  6. I have VS enhancers and used them for my wedding :smile: I thought they looked good / real under my heavy beaded bodice but looked weird when I tried to wear it under normal clothes (maybe I just wasn't used to the look?).
  7. I don't know if you are referreing to a specific style.. I was not able to use your link, but I have the "Sexy little things" push up from VS... And I can see the difference!! They are comfortable, it covers and holds everything on its right place.. and my tops look fuller without making me look fake.
  8. haha this thread is almost 3 years old, the ones I was talking about were these:

    The style secrets shaping inserts. I've had 2 pairs since then and I do like them but found I can only wear them with certain tops. Some of them make my bras pucker at the sides and look funny but it definitely looks natural with the right tops!

    I haven't tried the sexy little things bras but I do like the wave ones, I think they're the secret embrace ones. They have the large wave detail on the edges. I would definitely like to try a different bra, I have gotten bored of only this style I've been wearing!