Victoria's Secret Bras

  1. Hi Ladies!

    I'm looking for a nice seamless nude push-up bra from VS. Do you have any suggestions for any that work?
  2. Very Sexy or Angels Push-up Secret embrace is your best bet if it needs to be completely seamless. The Very Sexy Infinity Edge push up (with or without wire) will be a close 2nd in the seamless category, but should give you more lift.
  3. did you find a style that worked for you?
  4. I did! I got the one that Trolly suggested - the first one. It turns out that the other style i had tried on is finicky with the sizes, the 34 was slightly too tight and the 36 was way too big!
  5. Be careful. The foam does have a tendency to stretch out and it is most delicate.

    (as I did suggest it too...)
  6. Hi Fear!
    Thanks for your suggestion! I have it on the largest setting, so hopefully if it stretches out, I can just start moving it smaller. Does it stretch out other than in the band?
  7. I've never heard of anyone having issues with the cup stretching out because of the padding, only the band.
  8. i second the angles pushup secret embrace! i love it so much i wear almost everyday. And it's truely seamless, i wear it under thinnest tees and u can't see it at all
  9. I love the Ipex line.