Victoria's Secret Additional 50% off panties!

  1. I'm not sure if this has been posted yet...but I went to the VS at Lenox mall in Atlanta today and the panties were additional 50% off the clearance prices making them around $2. the selection was pretty bad though.

    I was in Vegas last week and Miracle Miles had a great selection so maybe try there if you are nearby?
  2. ~Wow..thanks:flowers:, that's even better. I'll drop by there tomorrow if I have a chance. I got quite a few of the body panties when I was there on Monday.~
  3. Ohhh nice! I'll have to check my VS..
  4. i wonder if the additional discount applies to online purchases too...
  5. ye some stores around me had 75%off makeup .. and 50% off underwear and sleepwear
  6. does vs do price adjustment?
  7. i'd like to know about price adjustments as well lol i just bought some on monday and they kept screaming that it was the last day
  8. Does anyone know if the sale is online too?
  9. That sucks! Hopefully they will do some price adjustments! I got a ton of stuff last week and only picked up 2 extra pairs of underwear yesterday. Oh well..I'm still happy I got the undies last week for $3..still a big savings off regular price ! :tup:
  10. Yes VS does price adjustments. 14 days from when the purchase was made. i was at VS on Tuesday and i got some undies for 1.99, pink tanks for 2.50 and the pink robe for 12.50
  11. ~The SA here in Mission Viejo, Southern CA informed me that there was no price adjustments. I bought quite a bit over the weekend and came back a few days later when I found that the sale price increased to 75%:tdown: It was a bummer:hysteric:~