Victoria's Secret 25.00 off any purchase!

  1. Sorry I dont have a code but I just got an email and I wanted to tell everyone to check their email inbox 'cause this might be waiting, everyone has a certificate number on their email that allowes you to use 25.00 towards any purchase even shipping... I got sweatpants for only $$1.95 :yahoo::yahoo:

    PS. MODS feel free to delete this thread if I broke any rules of the Deals & Steals
  2. hmm. i used to a buy a ton from VS online, but not recently, and i didn't get this email. im thinking it's an email to ppl who've purchased from them online/catalog recently...? awesome deal though...
  3. Wow. Thanks!
  4. i also got this same offer through email - will use it right now! :woohoo:
  5. Thanks for posting!

    Did this work for anyone else? After I put the code in one of the boxes for codes, it keeps asking me for a certificate number and certificate amount......
  6. I got this email... the certificate number is on the email off to the right side and just type in the amount. I think it was because shipping was longer than normal since they are moving distributionand I guess some ppl complained. I was shocked to see it in my inbox but I spent it that night!
  7. i don't see the certificate number on there ^^, so is it individual to each email?
  8. ^^^ Yes.
  9. How long ago was it that you guys made a purchase from VS? ...:confused1: i want one too!
  10. Thanks for the post! I had mine in my trash thinking it was junk mail - just order 2 pair of pants - $25 off - NOT BAD!!!:tup:
  11. i called the VS customer service wanting to ask for the offer as well since i always buy from their website. The lady said if u place an order this week they will send u the promotion only AFTER u placed ur order, so basiclaly its for your next/future buy. Otherwise they are just in the process of looking back the past month, sort of auditing the orders and only emailing out to the clients that had mishaps and delays with their orders.
  12. does anyone have a certificate # they are not using?

    Thank you
  13. I don't have a certificate but I have code #FA78053 that you can use to get $10 off a $100 order
    $30 off a $150 order
    $75 off a $250 order
    $150 off a $500 order

    Hope this help.
  14. thanks! i had deleted mine thinking it was just a sale email!
  15. Bummer - I bought from them in the summer, but no e-mail from them for me other than the usual sale ones :sad: