Victoria's Secret 10/$25 Panties in store only

  1. Enjoy!
  2. all stores? is there a link?
  3. Oh wow, good deal! Gonna run over there today. Too bad, it's not bras. LOL
  4. woohoo! i need undies! Plus i have a birthday credit from them.
  5. How long is this going on for?
  6. Not sure :shrugs:.
  7. cool! thank u!
  8. Thank You!!!!
  9. YeAy!!! I have to stop by there!
  10. God!! I waited for this!! :smile: DEFINITELY going to stop there this week.
  11. oooh! i'm going to go look for some pink! undies during my lunch break. too bad they're always out of my size. i'm crossing my fingers for luck.
  12. I've been buying so much from VS. I can't pass up this deal, esp when I have another discount card for my birthday! thanks!
  13. wow!!! 10 panties for $25. Great Deal! Thanks
  14. I was at a VS store, there is no sign, I asked the manager she said it's tomorrow. Is this true? Does anyone take advantage of this deal yet?