Victoria's Pob does the job and she's planning an extreme make over

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    Stylist up close with style icon
    By Maureen Coleman

    AWARD-WINNING hair stylist Denise McCluskey had a good opportunity to check out the shiny locks of Victoria Beckham when she bumped into her in Harrods recently.

    Denise, from Michele International in Belfast, was in London with fellow stylist Chantelle McCaughley to take part in the prestigious British Hairdressing Awards.

    The pair were doing a bit of shopping in the toy department in Harrods when they spotted Posh and Becks having a nosy round.

    So doing what most top stylists would do, Denise got up close to the celebrity couple to take a peek at Posh's famous "bob".

    And her verdict?

    "She was, I have to say, stunning in the flesh and her hair was just perfect, glossy, well styled, healthy. She looked amazing," she said.

    "It was around 11 o'clock in the morning and I've never seen anyone look so perfectly groomed.

    "She was talking on her mobile at the time but David seemed very friendly and approachable.

    "Victoria was dressed in a pair of her own brand jeans and a black fur jacket and was every inch the star.

    "They were having a look at the toys and apart from the fact that they both looked immaculate and gorgeous, they could have been any other couple."

    Denise, who styles the hair of a number of well-known faces, including Orlaith McAllister and Gayle Williamson, is the current Northern Irish regional finalist in the British Hairdressing Awards.


    Topping the poll for the nation's favourite hairstyle of 2006

    Victoria Beckham's Pob has come out tops in a 2006 best hairstyle poll by Yahoo! Messenger. The poll revealed her sleek, new take on the 'bob' is the nation's favourite 'do' of the year with one third of the votes.

    Despite ditching the blonde for a sultry brunette look, Chantelle Haughton, the reality TV star scored just 4% of the votes. Big Brother's Big Mouth host Russell Brand has topped the poll for the guys - his 'do' is clearly a hit, beating The Mighty Boosh's Noel Fielding and BB7's Pete Bennett.

    This is the second annual 'Hairstyle of the Year' poll from Yahoo! which last year saw Sharon Osbourne coming out cream of the crops. But it's not such good news for Sienna Miller as she fails to win over the public vote with her hairstyle; both years' poll sees her winning 7% of the votes - equalling Cheryl Cole and BB Pete's votes in this recent poll.

    Isabelle Wies, Yahoo! Messenger Senior Product Manager says, 'While some of us take style inspiration from celebrities, it may not always suit us. We would recommend testing celebrity hairstyles and fashion trends on your customised Avatar, within Yahoo! Messenger first, it's a great way to try before you chop! You can easily personalise the way you look by changing hairstyles or fashions at the click of a button.'

    Victoria is planning an extreme make over

    Victoria Beckham is planning an extreme make- over when she moves to LA.

    The ex- Spice girl has sought advice from celebrity beautician Kate Sommerville, whose clients include Jessica Alba and Paris Hilton about her new look.

    According to friends she has labelled her new style ‘ Beckham LA’.

    A source said:" Victoria said she was going to dramatically change her current hairstyle, the Pob, because she was tired of seeing everyone copying it. "

    " She wants something simple but fresh and unique, and is toying with the idea of having blonde highlights put back in."

    The source also told Grazia that the 32 year old mum of three is planning to streamline her wardrobe and is going to switch to American designers like Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs
  2. VB is such an interesting girl..always changing..
    As for Russell Brand, I can't stand him!->rude and his hair is not a hit in my books.. too brassy and too explosive..