Victoria's Fashion Mistake!

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  1. [​IMG]

    Victoria Beckham makes dressing up a cinch as she heads to the Nobu Berkeley restaurant in London Thursday night. Posh will soon be launching her latest business endeavor – her own fashion line in January.

    i certainly hope that this outfit isn't part of the fashion line! :confused1:
  2. OOoooh, I don't like that outfit!
  3. she looks over-posed for the photo op. and her dress looks like it's part of a modern art exhibit. don't like it.
  4. I don't like her pose either! I do want to know more about her jewelry line, however!
  5. No, the outfit is Giambattista Valli S/S 2007. She's been wearing a few of his designs lately, I wonder why?:idea:

  6. I don't love it but at the very least its unique & her legs are shoes look great!
  7. what the heck is that, not pretty at all.:Push:
  8. On this model it doesn't look half bad but on Victoria it looks awful!:yucky:
  9. it looks like a potato sac :sad:
  10. I agree hs, I like it on the model MUch better
  11. It looks great on the model and terrible on VB, mainly because she is trying way to hard as usual. Not good after just releasing her fashion book.
  12. she made a runway outfit into a halloween outfit.
  13. Haha, I agree :yes:
  14. That outfit of hers was in the paper today and it said it cost around £1900! Imagine spending that amount on something most people would consider a potato sack :Push:
  15. You got that right:roflmfao: .She needs to stay away from the short hem lines and hide those boney looking legs.