Victorian Jewellery

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  1. These are not really for me but I just know some of you guys will love them so tell me what you think of em.......

    This one is £35


    This one, stunning though it is is (probably too expensive) at £165


    I do occasionally do 'vintage' but I just can't imagine these quite being what I wear. Anyone out there 'do' Victorian?
  2. I love Victorian jewelry, especially rings. I'm assuming the pictures you've posted are of pins? I don't wear pins, but I think these would look very nice on the right clothing - shirt or jacket, solid colored.
  3. The second one is priced very high for what it is, I think. First one is better but a tad on the high side if it's gold filled. There are mourning/hair jewelry collectors but a lot of people are turned off by these pieces so the prices can really vary.
  4. I love Victorian jewelry, especially wristlets & bracelets. Here is a little Victorian era sterling silver compact wristlet. It still needs a little restoration, I think I'm going to use it as a pillbox.
    wristlet 1.jpg wristlet 2.jpg