Victoria, What the heck ???

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  1. VICTOR.jpg

    :amazed: :amazed:
  2. i love her boots though, its ANNA SUI, right?
  3. i think she's not looking good these days....
  4. I am not a fan of the short-shorts I've seen in the last two threads about her.
  5. man she's hot! in anything she wears. wish i could look like that after a few babies
  6. i want that birkin:angel:
  7. She looks like a crack whore. Ugh.
  8. Looks like she's rolled out of bed, pulled on some boots, grabbed her bag and walked out the door. I wish she'd eat something!
  9. Looks a little thin.
  10. I am so embarrassed for her....if she knew how terrible she looked surely she'd eat something and stop dressing like a $2 whore. :yucky:

    Poor thing. :cry:
  11. I don't get it.... she's a woman in a tank top and short-shorts because it's hot outside. It's not like she is just wearing panties.

    I don't love the boots with that outfit, but it's her choice.
  12. I think she looked ok but I am not sure if that boots go really well with what she's wearing. I like her short and tank top, she needs to gain 5 pounds or so..
  13. As an athlete, you would think David would want a woman who is shapely, healthy looking, & lean WITH sexy toned muscles.

    I mean really.... she has the body of a 12 year old boy.
  14. Maybe that's why he cheated with that Rebecca girl.

    The sad part is that she actually thinks she looks hot.
  15. Every woman doesn't have the body type their husbands 'want' them to have. That is no excuse for cheating.

    Victoria is very thin, but her muscles are toned especially in her legs.

    She is not an untoned Paris or even Nicole...oh wait she doesn't have enough muscle to be toned.
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