Victoria Spends Quality Time With Cruz

  1. L.A’s top mum, Victoria Beckham, was out and about showing her great mothering skills again yesterday. Looking as chic as always she was spotted spending some quality time with her youngest son Cruz by taking him to a summer day camp at the school where her other sons attend.
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  2. Dang she can carry a kid and rock the CLs at summer camp all at the same time...go, VB go!!!
  3. I love this woman!
  4. She is so fabulase.
  5. I have respect for any woman who can wear those shoes and carry a child as well.
  6. Does she ever wear flats??? lol But seriously she does look good and I like her style!
  7. [​IMG]

    WOW... I respect that too. Not trying to be a hater but isnt Cruz too old for a pacifier??
  8. She's great! I don't know how she manages to work the Loboutins and hold Cruz at the same time. I don't think I could even hold my purse and walk in those!
  9. Let me explain the photos for everyone who thinks she is supermom. You see the woman next to her? Well, for photo ops, she hands the kid over to VB. (This is true of all child caretakers in Lala Land). Then she carries the kid a block, then hands the kid back to the nanny. It's like this for the majority of celeb parents including AJ and Brad, Julia Roberts, etc etc. Do you think the "friend" is there just to carry her shopping bags???
  10. hmm... well love her outfit anyhow!!makes me glad i bought those gray sass & bides after all!!
  11. Exactly!!
  12. ^^^i cant believe julia does this too...she seemed like such a down to earth mom
  13. I want to be a totally fabulous mom (someday), just like VB ... *sigh*
  14. LOL!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: that's funny Hubba Wubba..