Victoria "Skeletor" Beckham

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  1. What the heck is goin on with her? After every kid, she just gets smaller and smaller. She's totally wasting away. Btw, her sister on the right looks so much like her.
  2. I'm seeing twins here. I can't tell who's Victoria and who's the sister. lol Love the spy bag!
  3. She looks like a drag queen with a bad boob job.
  4. lol!
    I think its a disturbing new trend in hollywood. Somehow the thinner you are the better you are. Screw your health! Hopefully it won't last long.

    Whats up with those ugly gloves she is wearing in the 1st pic?
  5. She looks terrible, especially in the last picture :weird:

  6. OMFG she does:lol:
  7. Hee,hee:lol:
  8. she's an alien from outer space...
  9. Yeah I was gonna say, it looks like she's scrubbing toilets on the side.

    See, now this is Nicole Ritchie's body that everyone is complaining about, just with the hybrid option of the cheap stripper-boob implants.

    How in god's-name did she push 2 kids out without breaking?
  10. yeah, i totally don't get what those gloves are for. she's crazy. actually....she has 3 kids and i can't figure out how she delivered either. her frame is so tiny and she looks so fragile. her husband should really get her some help considering they have so much money, she can definitely afford the best care.

  11. THe thing is... a. why would they get help if she thinks it's normal and
    b. her husband likes her like that?

    Somehow I don't see david beckham at the dinner table going, "Honey, you know, your boobs are enormous, can't you make them smaller and maybe gain some weight?"
    Which would probably come right after the "Hey honey, me and the rest of the team are going out to the naked-stripper club tonight, take care of the kids and don't wait up" speech.
  12. yeah, you got a point.
    but.....i did see an interview one time on dateline nbc, and they asked both of them if they were aware of what people were saying regarding victoria and her thin frame. they confronted them and asked if they knew that people comment on her looking anorexic and victoria didn't say anything, however, david did say that he tries to remind his wife to eat all the time because she is the pickiest eater in the world. he said that she naturally is thin and that after running after the kids all day, she gets more exercise than she does eat. she didn't say a word on that topic and it just felt like he was trying to do damage control and help cover the problem. i really do believe that either she did in the past or still currently has issues regarding eating disorders because that just doesn't look normal.

  13. she has admitted that she has an eating problem .

    I cant believe her sister looks so much like her now - she is such a copy cat - she even has a bf called david -- unless she dumped him now - she just wants to be her sister .
  14. I think I hear a book comming on in the near future. Victoria's battle with anorexia.
  15. I know I hate 2 c this cuz I love her so much. She was my favorite Spice. Ohhhh Vic.....