Victoria Silvstedt

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    Victoria Silvstedt is looking more and more like a blow-up doll. She made it to the NRJ Music Awards and now she’s in New York soaking up the fashion shows. Lucky woman! Splash snapped her at the Baby Phat show at the Roseland Ballroom this weekend
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  4. She looks like a characture of her former self.. she used to be so hot too !
  5. Her feet look like they are going to just break. I'm uncomfortable just looking.
  6. Her lips look foul.
  7. Im loving the outfit and shoes just not her whitish hair!
  8. umm... :yucky: (but I do like her outfit)
  9. She looks gorge but yowch to her collagen injected lips!
  10. Yeah definitely too much but shes so gorgeous
  11. Eeeek.
  12. Ew. She looks way too plastic!
  13. love her shoes and bag though :shrugs:
  14. Yuck!
    I don't get why they think that looks good.
  15. yuck!:throwup: she should have been happy- but she has gone too far with that collogen