Victoria Secret Store in Chicago

  1. Sorry if this doesn't belong here! didn't know where else to put it.

    i'm going to chicago this weekend and i've heard that one of the stores there also carries their clothes and such in store. Is this true and does anyone know which store it is??

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. It is a big store,and it carry's some of the designer lingere but I don't remember ever having seen their clothes there. They just put a new flagship in Oakbrook and it doesn't have them either:sad:
  3. For some reason I thought they just sold the clothes online or through the catalog.
  4. Nope sorry, they don't carry their clothes there. They only sell them through the catalog.
  5. There was a huge sale right after New years eve @ my local VS store, there was a lot of clothes there, even jackets and pants, 10000 items from the Pink collection. All the creams, perfumes, etc. from the Garden Collection were like 10 for 30 dollars. The clothes were not so cheap, for some weird reason I did not like anything. It lasted less than a week.
  6. my boss said that it's the victoria secret that's in the towers in chicago, but she said she hasn't been in there in a few years, so apparently they don't sell their clothes their anymore? :sad: sad