Victoria Secret Shampoo THe BesT!

  1. I am a total product junkie and have tried virtually every shampoo, keratese, philip b, almost everything...

    they other day I bought the victoria secret shampoo just for fun..i wasen't expecting anything but WOW, it is AMazing!!

    it lathers up so richly, smells so lux and my hair looks & truly feels unbelievable!

    By far, Best shampoo I have ever used!
  2. Is it their SEXY line? If so, that stuff is amazing. LOVE the conditioner too.
  3. ive tried it a few times, but im not the hugest fan. i'll stick to my boring old DOVE. hhe.
  4. Which VS shampoo did you try?
  5. Yes:yes: thats what i bought.I bought the Nourishing SO SEXY shampoo & conditioner..I just loved it so much I had to share:hysteric:

    I like Dove too though but this just amazed me!
  6. Wow! That is some testimonial. I'll have to give it a whirl. Is there one for color-treated hair? I have highlights and I find if I use a shampoo specifically designed for color-treated hair my highlights look nice longer.
  7. wow i'll give that line a try soon. ive been using Paul Mitchell
    s Color Care for a while, its...eeek.

    Time for a change!!!
  8. what's you hair type and is it long?

    Mine is color treated, thick and really long. . . I love Kerastase!
  9. I also used the So Sexy shine serum after, so that might also add to it...

    My hair is long & wavy... it was getting pretty dry..I think they have a colour treated line, as well..
    I use keratese, which i like alot...but this So Sexy stuff amazed the very least you should enjoy using it bc it makes a fabulous lather and smells great and should make your hair very soft & shiny!
  10. I tried there shampoo & conditioner & was sooo sad! I'm allergic to something in it! And, then I found out theres something in the "Sexy" perfume I can't use either =( I've never been allergic to anything!
  11. Princess, does the Keratese work well for frizzy hair??
    Or, any other suggestions, anyone??
  12. when my hair is frizzy, I love the keratese 5 day treatment, its in the green line & the bain stain is great hair was getting very dry and frizzy and they helped alot

    can you use vidal sasson V05 hot oil treatment? thats like $4.00 at drugstores and it works wonders for my hair! i LOve that stuff

    I'm obsessed with hair products bc my hair became very fried and frizzy when I bleached all fell i'm obsessed with hair care

    it also helps it you can buy a hair mask and leave it in overnite or as long as you can & do that once a week
  13. Wow, Thx Princess. I'm writing this all down now. I havent used the hot oil in years, but I'll pick it up tomorrow & try some of the other items too.
    I've changed my hair color from dirty blonde to red, then to really blond & my hair hates me for it!
    I'm using the Thermal Fusion Hair Revitalizer from Arbonne & its done wonders for my hair! My hair used to fall out like yours, but not anymore & its growing back like crazy =)
    Check out my homepage the PF listed under my name that you can click on. I'm a rep for the company cause I LOVE everything they have.
    I'll let you know what your recommendations do for me! ~S
  14. :yes: :yahoo: I'm gonna look up your product too!!
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