Victoria Secret Semi-Anuual Sale started today in stores!

  1. It started in the store today and I believe the lady said it last til the 16th?? or until supplies last.. Im not for sure about that date so you might want to ask a store associate. IT was crazy at the one at my mall! I wanted to look at the lingerie but too crazy and i only had half an hour :p Ill look hopefully on sat when i have to work next and will have more money since i get paid tom. I did get a Heavenly Box set for 19.99 orig 69.50 :tup: I got a make up collection(14.99), 2 bottles of the Shimmery Heavenly lotion(7.99), and a lip gloss for 3 dollars
    angel1.JPG angel.JPG angel2.JPG angel3.JPG
  2. I just shopped at VS recently and noticed that on the sales receipt at the bottom there is an 800 number that you can call to take a little survey and at the end of it, they will give you a code for $10 off $50 on your next purchase. I called and took the survey and the code doesn't expire for 3 months. You do need the original receipt to redeem though. Just a little heads up.
  3. oo i should look, thanks!

    Edit: I just looked and I got one of those as well!