Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale!

  1. Use SHOP for free shipping! :smile:
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. wow.. it's that time of the year again... i love it!

    thanks for posting :smile:
  4. the free shipping code SHOP, do I need to spend over $100?
  5. WHen does the sale start at VS stores???
  6. Thanks! I need some new bras and other stuff! lol
  7. yes, you have to spend over $100.
  8. Better than free shipping try: SP75761 for $15 Off $100 Order; $30 Off $150 Order; $75 Off $250 Order -- Expires 6/15/07 I used this on Saturday and saved $75!
  9. yup I just used it earlier today and saved $75 too! Shipping came out to $26 though. =(
  10. On my way to shop. Thanks!!:P
  11. At our mall I heard it is starting June 19th.
    :] I think they have slightly better deals instore also.
  12. Check out their clearance beauty section - some pretty good deals there.
  13. Thanks for the codes!
  14. I called the store and they said June 16.:wlae:
  15. Thanks for the code i also saves 75 :smile: