Victoria Secret Products

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  1. anyone try their makeup line, hair line, etc.?

    how would you rate them?

    i was thinking of their chapstick, lip plumper and dry hair product.. anyone tried these as well?
  2. Their stuff is OK. Not MAC, but they do have exquisite packaging now (their new stuff is so pretty)-- but for staying power and color payoff, for the $$$ MAC is better. VS likes to sell the Supermodel image, but in reality those makeup artists for the advertising photo shoots more likely than not use MAC.
    About the hair stuff: it is great. The scent of their SEXY collection of haircare is on the strong side, so don't plan on using a strong fragrance afterwords or its overkill. The hair products work like a dream though, and I have been happy with the stuff I have gotten in the past. My new favorite hair stuff is BIGSEXYHAIR which is on sale right now in a kit at Trade Secret stores for around $20 (worth $60).
    Ultimately, its up to you. VS has the prettier packaging, but MAC has more bang for your buck within the package.
  3. BTW, there is very very little price difference between MAC and VS, and MAC at least has the program where you can recycle old MAC packaging (6 items) for 1 free lipstick... : )
  4. Really? I'll check it out thanks. I only have MAC bronzer, and that hasn't let me down yet. Thanks again.
  5. I have VS black eyeliner and it makes me not wanna buy any other kohl pencil......
  6. aarti-- I just think that if you can get the pro-quality makeup (MAC) for the same price, why not just stick to the pro-quality makeup? : )
  7. I heard that VS is launching the "VERY sexy makeup" on October and it's gonna be fantastic
  8. I am interested in checking this out too, but it sure looks suspiciously like their old line repackaged! :graucho:
  9. I just use their garden body butter. Other than that, I can get everything they have to offer somewhere else for better prices and quality IMO.
  10. Ok, I'm reviving this thread because I want to know about MAC's program! (I knew there was a reason why I saved the packaging from all my "good" makeup purchases! :nuts: )
  11. I don't wear much makeup...but i love VS body lotion and perfume!
  12. I really dislike their makeup line. They're body lotions smell wonderful though!
  13. Same here! Their makeup doesn't stay well at all. I am happy with everything else they sell.
  14. I love their eyelash conditioner, didn't care for the mascara.
  15. my favorite lip product is from them! it stays on my lips forever and doesn't dry my lips out (I haven't been able to find something like that).


    it's the Tempt My Lips Lip Stain With Glitter Gloss ... I use the forbidden fruit one (red) but just now realized they have two other colors, so I will have to go check those out!!

    other than that, I have bought their stuff at the semi annual sale before and haven't been all that impressed.