Victoria Secret ONLINE Swimwear Sale

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    Tons of really cute bikinis are on sale-some as cheap as $6.99 *PLUS* you can use their online coupons!

    coupon for 5.00 off swimwear order....SP89145
    coupon free S&H swimwear......SP89253

    I just got three bikinis for $40!! Now the summer just needs to hurry up and get here!:yahoo:
  2. How do their sizes normally run?
  3. which ones did u get not that I need any
  4. I guess the coupon codes are stackable?
  5. Is there a minimum to use those codes?

    Jill, I've been wanting the last bathing suit set you posted, but they always ran out! I'm so happy I can order now! Btw, do you know how they run?
  6. Thanks. Now I just need the body to fit into those gorgeous suits!
  7. Does anyone know how they run? super small or?
  8. I have one set. They run pretty much normal, I think.

    By the way, I found the coupons in the first post can not be stackable...:sad:
  9. Thanks for that info! Yep I noticed the same thing too, only can use one or the other, not both...
  10. That price is unbelievable...I hope they have my size!