Victoria Secret Offer~

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  1. Did anyone get the offer in the mail? Its 2 cards, almost like gift cards.One is for a Free pair of Cotton HipHugger's any color up to $8.50 (No purchase necessary) and a $10.00 off a Bra, some restrictions apply.The deal starts on 9/21~While supplies last! I'll be there:smile:
  2. i just received an offer for 8 for $25 instead of 7 for $25 pink undies in e-mail. i need to check my mailbox and see if i got that offer that you posted because i usually get that in the mail.
  3. got the same email too. have any of you been to the "private sale"??
    what do they have? thanks in advanced
  4. I have got those coupons in the mail before. I like it when they send me those coupons because it just reminds me that I get to spend some $$$ at Victoria's Secret.
  5. they send those pretty frequently. sometimes its $10 off a purchase instead of $10 off a bra. those are the best=P
  6. I give them to my mom and she gets her free panties :yahoo:
  7. yes, i got both offers.
  8. I got both offers on the same card, and the free panty is for free ruched panties from the Pink line
  9. I ended up somehow getting 3 in the mail!
    Two of my cards were $10 off a bra and one was $10 off a purchase and it has no restrictions on amount you have to spend!!

    If you guys haven't used them, the PINK ones expire today.