Victoria Secret Models Launch *Very Sexy Makeup* Line !!

  1. [​IMG]
    Alessandra Ambrosio at the Very Sexy Makeup launch (07/31/06)

  2. They`re all so gorgeous! I never realized how muscular Alessandra`s legs were. Heidi Klum came out on the Daily 10 and was saying that all of the make up sold out the first day. Personally, I think VS is getting a little out of hand in trying to create and market this huge global empire. I say stick with making lingerie. -shrug-
  3. Alessandra has some hot legs!
  4. Most of their lingerie is bland to me. Whoever came up with that 'Pink' loungewear line better demand a huge bonus because it's selling like crazy. I'm not surprised they are expanding...the brand is well-known so people will buy it just because.
  5. i thought they always had least they did at the valley fair mall in san jose. for over a year too. weird.

  6. It's just a new thing. Like, very sexy lingerie. I guess they have very sexy make up now. I hate some of the girls that work at VS in valley fair, lol. And I don't like the makeup at all!
  7. Her feet are ugly....
  8. :roflmfao: :lol: I SWEAR I just said the same thing to my coworker. He won't come look at the pic!
  9. OMG!!! The girl in the first pic is STUNNING and her body is TDF!!!:nuts:
  10. Alessandra Ambrosio is so gorgeous... her legs are to die for...
  11. She's gorgeous and I agree about sticking to making lingerie.
  12. I almost gasped out loud because they look scary! Her face and body are gorgeous though, but the feet are terrifying!
  13. This is VS's main focus right now, expanding their beauty collection. They are going to launch some makeup only stores. They want double digit growth every year for the next five years. The co-CEOs of VS Beauty are pretty young, like 35ish.
  14. i think there clothes are awful and agree with most they should just stick to lingerie its what theier empire started with adn what does them good i guess.
  15. stunning!!!