Victoria Secret Bras....Which one?

  1. I usually buy the Balconette push up but I think they've discontinued it....

    So now I'm in search of one that pushes up and is comftorable...

    I've read that the secret embrace is really good....but I don't know if its the same foamy material that la senza carries up here ( I find it to be too stiff and uncomftorable)...

    What do you girls recommend....?

  2. IPEX IPEX. Sooooper comfy. Does a little pushing up/shaping too.
  3. I have the nude bra. Body by Victoria. I really love it, it's comfortable and gives great shape and a little push up.

  4. i love the ipex bras also. i haven't tried their pushups though but even the wireless demi gives a nice lift.

    the very sexy line has some good pushups. but definitely don't wash them. i can't wear any my very sexy bras anymore b/c they're all lumpy now.
  5. I have 2 balconets but I think they are the most uncomfortable ones! The underwires bother me on that style. I like the infinity edge push ups if you are looking for a push up. Very comfy and you can wear low neck lines with it.
  6. Body by Victoria ones are great! I have no problems with them in the wash, as long as it's cold water, medium spin, and I hang them up to dry.
  7. i like those bras... how much are they?
  8. i love love love secret embrace bras, best ones i've ever found
  9. Angels secret embrace pushup...SUPER comfy, I get the one with the lace overlay, it is still smooth under tees but you feel special...
    and my boobs look a full cupsize bigger =-O
  10. infinite edge!hehe
  11. Ok.. here we go.
    For push up
    Infinity Edge Very Sexy Push-up: Substantial pushup, comfy material. Fabric does run risk of separating from cup. (The new wireless version is pretty nice too)
    Very Sexy Extreme pushup: More lift than above bra, material won't separate from cup. Downside is some people don't care for the stiffness of the bra/padding.
    Angels Air Bra: This one is amazing. I'm wearing it right now. Lots of lift and feels weightless. There is a little bow on the front, but that can be easily cut off.

    Hands down, BBV Shaping Demi. So comfortable, great support. Leaves a clean line under almost any shirt, and doesn't cling to most materials. This one doesn't have padding, but it still gives a nice shapely lift.
  12. ipex wireless!!
  13. Infinity Edge Very Sexy Push-Up!!! Soft and comfy :smile:
  14. All of the IPEX bras are not intended to push-up. I personally don't care for them at all, but it works well as a shaping bra for some.