Victoria Secret Bathing Suits- Opinions

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  1. I have never ordered a bathing suit from VS, how are they? Are they cheap looking in person? I usually get mine from Vix or Trina Turk but they have some cute ones that I have been eyeing. Thanks for any input
  2. I have gotten a few bathing suites from vs and have been very happy about them. I dont think they look cheap at all but thats a matter of opinion. I usually wait for the bathing suit sale that way i can stock up/
  3. Never bought a VS bathing suit, I am eyeing up some of the new juicy ones. I forget do you have to buy each piece seperate? Everything I buy from VS allways holds up, so I assume so.....
  4. I really like them. Some of the prints can look cheap in person, but anything in solid colors has looked great.
  5. I'm a big fan of Victorias Secret bathing suits. I love that I can order the top & bottom in any size I want. I've got a few that have lasted 3-4 seasons. I don't really "swim" in them, more lounging around the pool, so they don't see a lot of chlorine, so maybe that's why they last so long for me, lol! I look forward to ordering a new one every spring!
  6. I normally get mine from VS. I'm hard on swimsuits - I take my three girls ages 5 and under - to the pool on a daily basis in summer. They're cute and comfy. I really think the durability can vary a lot though. Some of the suits are nice thick and quality fabric. Others are not as nice. But I think they're the nicest in that price range for sure. The other place to check in this price range is Speigel. They carry nice suits.
  7. I have the Miracle Bra one - I like buying my tops/bottoms in different sizes. So far, so good! I really like how it makes my body look.
  8. Some prints look a lot cheaper in person.. i ordered a few before my trip last month and had to send most of them back (which is a pain in the rear end since you can't take them to the store..). As someone mentioned above, you shouldn't have a problem with the solid colors.. and i'm sure if you get the non VS brands they will be fine. HTH's...
  9. I have bought two bathing suits from them in the past and I have to admit, I have been pretty disappointed with them on both occasions. Granted, I got both of them for a very good price, (one was $5 for the set, the other was around $15 for two pieces) but if I were presented with the opportunity again, I would not have bothered wasting my money.

    The $5 suit I got came in a set, solid color, (so you can't pick separate pieces in a different size) and while it didn't look cheap, the material they used on it was really thin. They claimed there was slight padding for the top but it was basically nothing. :tdown: I bought it during the summer and have yet to wear it... and I probably won't. The second bathing suit I got was a printed piece, I think it was called "totem pole"? This one does look a lot cheaper in person. The colors weren't as vibrant as they were on the website. In terms of fit and durability, they were fine but I've only had the opportunity to wear this once.
  10. I think if you're used to VIX and the like, you will not like the VS brand swimsuits. Good thing VS carries a lot of 'designer' brands (including VIX and Trina Turk) so I think those are at least decent quality.

    The actual VS brand (Beach Sexy or something like that? They have several house brands) for swimsuits isn't terrible, but they aren't exactly up to par with VIX or Trina Turk.
  11. I have the Beach Sexy bikinis in almost all of the solid colors. Living in FL, having a boat and pool all add up to needing a million bathing suits. I love them- they look and fit nice and hold up great. I do have two prints and they look on the cheap side. I think if you stick with solids you can't go wrong. I order mine at the end of summer when they are practically giving them away and you really can't go wrong then.
  12. I just ordered a bikini from VS.. will post back to let you know!
  13. The pink ones are usually okay I think. I've seen them in store and the quality isn't bad, but like all VS its cut really large. The back of the bottom is a full american back so its pretty big.
  14. I think they are great. I have a few that have lasted for several years.

    They are also great if you have a larger chest as some of them come in actual sizes with support.