Victoria Secret 100 ways bra- run big/small?

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  1. anyone try this bra yet? I ordered one and I'm not sure if I should exchange it. I normally wear a 34C/D, so I ordered a 34D, but I think I should go smaller....
  2. It runs a little big in the cups, but a tad small in the back so it doesn't fit me well. Although, I don't think I could have gotten a better fit from a different size. I think it's just the way the bra is made...
  3. What is the bra?
  4. The cups are big, I agree. I usually wear a 34C, but my cups often "runneth over." (I should use a 32D, I think, but it's harder to find). On this 34C, the cups fit me very well.
  5. I had the complete opposite experience. I had to go one cup up and it didn't fit well in the back either. Pretty bad fit but the pros of the bra outweigh the cons.
  6. ^ lol, that's funny. I agree the fit isn't the best though. And the slits for the bra strap are always getting damaged when my hook comes out a bit.
  7. yes i have this bra but only used it once or twice...i have only used it for the low back halter is a bit uncofortable and the band rides up so you can see it a bit with those low back halther tops..i think it's cool that it has 100 ways but this was the only use i had for it..the bra is pretty much uncomfortable though..for me anyway.....
  8. I love them!!! I think they are pretty true to size... but just me, fits great.

  9. I'm the same size and its fits true to side for me :yes: lotta cleavage and likey hehe :p
  10. i'm gonna get one pretty soon..
    try out the 100 different ways.. lol..