Victoria says: 'Posh off, Paris!'

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  1. 'VICTORIA BECKHAM has told PARIS HILTON to “Posh off” — after hearing the jailbird heiress wanted to be best mates.

    Posh Spice, 33, told a pal: “Over my dead body!

    “We couldn’t be more different. You won’t catch me falling out of nightclubs with no knickers on.”

    But Victoria believes associating with Paris could harm her bid to be an A-list celebrity in the US after her and hubby DAVID’s move to Los Angeles.

    She has seen BRITNEY SPEARS’ image dragged down after being snapped without pants while partying with Paris.',,2007320963,00.html


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  2. I couldn´t agree more actually.
  3. ^ Ditto
  4. Lol, thats funny but ever so true! VB is a mother of 3 and a bit older than the current crop of ladies.x
  5. wow! Victoria actually has some sense...good for her! I hought the jailbird was going to "change her ways anyhow"?
  6. Posh is WAY out of Paris' league IMO...Paris should take a few lessons on being a lady...Give me a break..Best buds? lmao!!!
  7. I'm very sure we will watch the Beckhams bore a hole right up to the top of the "A-list" in no time at all.
  8. I can't see her hanging out with Paris! Can you imagine Paris around VB's kids? Talk about a poor role model! Thank goodness she has no desire to!
  9. That's fantastic.
  10. While I commend her sensibility for not wanting to befriend Paris, I can't help but condemn her ego for thinking she might become an A lister here.
    Maybe if she grew some talent for something other than marrying a sports figure, she might have a leg to stand on...still it would be rather brittle. ;)
  11. go posh!! i don't blame her and why the hell would she want Paris's skanky ass near David anyway.
  12. :tup: I agree 110% VB is a lady, not a party animal. The person who said VB is way out of Paris' league could not have gotten it more right. And VB is a mother, and not the kind like Britney.
  13. thats funny!! why would Paris even think that VB would want to be associated with her!
  14. I honestly think that this

    was not actually spoken by VB but was added by the person who wrote the article. Whe it comes to VB, things get twisted around all the time (remember the book comment?).
  15. I don't blame her at all.