Victoria @ Madonna's concert *PICS*

  1. I think she looks FAB but that's just me!:P
    vic_madonnact1.jpg vic_madonnact2.jpg vic_madonnact3.jpg
  2. ^ agree :yes:
  3. I think that she looks rather unhealthy in these pictures. Of course she's a style icon but she's looking skinnier than ever now (maybe it's the short haircut). Her cheeks even look hollow. Oh well, that's just my two cents. I really admire her sense of style though.
  4. Love, love love the hair! It probably feels a lot better at a concert. too-
  5. Oh my God!!! Look at her arm in the first photo! :wtf:
  6. I was just thinking the same thing. She is emaciated. I am going to see her husband play on Wednesday night though and he is hot.
  7. Adore her, but she should gain a little bit of weight
  8. She looks so young.I would never guess that she has had kids.
  9. she is always hot hot hot hot:P
  10. Looks fab but IMHO thing she should gain a few pounds:yes:
  11. She looks good, but needs to put on 5lbs.
  12. She does look fab! and while she is really skinny, I don't think the bone structure on her face helps! Her high cheekbones give her that hollowed look.
  13. You can tell she's got some sort of all over body sheen (cream/lotion?) on...i think it makes her skin looks fab!
    I've got some body shop stuff that has the same's great for nights out.:yes:
  14. she looks great
  15. Her bone structure is perfect for wearing such short hair, very glam!