Jul 12, 2006
I hope this was last night? It was freaking hot yesterday. I heard she is buying a home in LA. Please I don't think we will embrace her like royalty, she maybe married to the hottest guy but, she is still just a "Spice Girl." Okay don't shoot me.
^^She isnt asking you to embrace her like royalty!!!!!
And if they move it wont be because of your lovely sceneray in LA but because of her husbands career!:rolleyes:
I honestly don't buy the US move. I think they may rent a place there for a bit as many of her business ventures are in US. She even said it herself in the latest issue of Bazaar and I quote: "It's not a big, big ambition on ours (to move to US). We're happy in Spain and here (England)".
^^Yes but Lv_Addict David is supposedly being bought by Galaxy club and that means they will have to move to LA next summer when the season is over.
But yeah we will see if its true.
I just think its silly to think she is moving because she so wants US fame,Victoria is famous in all countries in Europe so i doubt she would crave to be big in Us as well.