Victoria is head to toe in CHANEL looking

  1. GREAT SKIING!!!:love:
    Well, almost all in CHANEL (minus the glasses)!!!:lol:
  2. Yeah, I saw that on E! news or something like it! Nuts!
  3. I know a lot of people dislike her. I thinks she is FAB!!!
  4. wow! she looks like some zhulander-type on the ski-hill!
  5. wow...she looks amazing!
  6. wow she looks great there. love her hair.
  7. there are some Chanel ski goggles on ebay now from a MPRS.
  8. I love her hair too. I just wish she didn't look like a poster child for anorexia.
  9. I love her hair and the sunglasses! What brand are they? And who is that hunk next to her? *Sigh* :love:
  10. Well ... at least she's got the mindset to cover up, unlike Mariah Carey who was walking around the Sundance Film Festival with her typical "floozy" look of low-cut jeans and a high-cut tee!! She must have been freezing her a## off!
  11. They are Dior!!!:love:
    Same as in this pic:
  12. I LOVE her style!!
  13. Thanks, it looks fabulous on her! And now about the hunk...:lol:
  14. Is she there to ski? Or pose?:weird:
  15. Hunk came with the ski package!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: