Victoria II

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  1. Oh, gosh, I just bought the Victoria II, in Geranium.

    Photos will be forthcoming, subject to rain. But I'm so thrilled with biting the bullet and going for it! :smile:
  2. Congrats. It may look plain but when carried it excudes simple elegance. I love my Etoupe Victoria.
  3. Congrats ! We are identical twins separated by time enjoy your Victoria

  4. Congrats! It must be beautiful! It's fun to hear such enthusiasm when one foes for it. Yay!

    I do love the Victoria and have one also. I was thinking of letting it go but your and Willowbarb's excitement makes me want to rethink it.
  5. Nice red for Victoria
  6. Thank you, ladies!

    I actually got a phone call from Hermes this morning; the very nice SA explained that I can only buy two bags in a year from the website.

    Since I had bought my Double Sens from them earlier this year I'm down to one, and she wanted to make sure I knew that, and didn't prefer something other than the Victoria II Geranium as my second purchase.

    I'm still keen on the Victoria II as a very classic bag, which will never become dated, and I don't want to let a bright red one slip through my fingers; I can return it if I don't like it, which seems unlikely :smile: but the option is there. It can be very difficult to get a picture of the true colour, so I won't know until Monday :wondering

    I got the impression that the online purchases don't count against the 'ration' of total bags I can buy in a bricks and mortar shop; can anyone correct me if I'm wrong on that?

    There's always a potential problem when a manufacturer sells directly to the customer, because it cuts out the retailer's share of the profit. I think retailers wouldn't be happy if Hermes deprived them of their chance to make some money from me :nogood:

    So, my fingers are crossed that on Monday I shall be doing the :happydance: and have some sunshine to take good pictures :smile:
  7. Congratulations! You will love your new Victoria. Geranium is a gorgeous, gorgeous red! :love:
  8. Thank you! I'm really looking forward to it, and glad that I went for it; I realised that I would kick myself if I let the opportunity go by :smile:
  9. Darling i do think I have gotten more than 2 bags from with the same billing and shipping information every six months

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  10. +1
    Bag twins with you!
  11. Thank you!

    This may be because I'm in England and it's a different website; I have the shops/boutiques here in London, and I can hop on the train for Paris easily enough, though the queues in Paris are so OTT that I doubt I have the stamina :smile:
  12. Ahha that's why
    The prices are way better in Europe
    I don't think.the serves boutique has lines of you are heading to Paris
    Or at least I never saw any when I was living there

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  13. you live in france? that's so nice! can get all kinds of lovely items!! :biggrin: