Victoria II PM

  1. I saw it recently and it looks like a tote (can wear over the shoulder). Has anyone seen it too?
  2. :yes: I think so (if its the one I'm thinking of). It was really nice.
  3. The SA told me its new. The price is about USD2630, not bad for all the leather used!
  4. Another new H bag???!!!
  5. Any pics?
  6. I think my peko could be referring to the Cabas Victoria - 2 sizes, PM and GM.

    I saw them in the store recently, PM in etoupe clemence, GM in black clemence. The price of the PM is close to what my peko mentioned.

    The PM has longer shoulder strap so you can comfortably wear the bag on your shoulder (looks a lot like LV's Vavin GM). The Cabas Victoria GM has shorter straps - more for hand carry than shoulder wear.

    Sorry, no pics.:sad:
  7. Yes Gigi, those that I saw, the GM is in black Clemence and the PM in chocolate clemence. I hope they will come in some bright colours.
  8. :idea:

    Blue Jean ? :heart:
  9. really????

    if it looks alot like the vavin gm then ill have to replace MY vavin gm!!! woohoo!!!

    and only 2630(for hermes!)

    i need to see this pic!
  10. Are you guys talking about these bags in the two pictures on the bottom...?

    It looks similar to LV Vavin to me...:idea:

    LV Vavin
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    HM.jpg HM2.jpg
  11. Aspen, no...:flowers:
  12. Oh,no....:Push: ! Then I have no idea which bag you guys are talking about:shrugs: ...Anybody with pictures...? I really want to see it...!!!:sad:
  13. okay, it looks something like this...

    Please pardon my horrible drawing :P & the crappy mobile phone pic.
    cabas victoria_gigi.jpg
  14. You are so sweet:heart: !!! Thank you!:flowers:
  15. Thanks Gigi.

    The ones Gigi and I have seen are in clemence. So soft...:P .

    Initially I intended to get a Berlingot but I have changed my mind.