Victoria & David out in London *NEW PICS*

  1. Victoria's pic taken by a fan @ Madonna's concert (Aug. 3, 2006) and out with David in London (Aug. 5, 2006).:smile:
    wembleyropplerobert00ix6.jpg vic_westlondon1.jpg vic_westlondon2.jpg vic_westlondon3.jpg vic_westlondon4.jpg davixc0.jpg
  2. they're in different clothes from the first photo. . .
    did they actually do a 'costume change'!?
  3. cool, thanks for posting LV_addict, her new short hairstyle is hot ;)
  4. :lol:The pics are from two dif. days!:lol:
  5. I love her style...she looks so good right down to her fingernails. Thanks for the photo; they are my favorite couple.;)
  6. Ha swank... I thought that but LV said one is from the 3rd and the rest from the 5th!

    Her boobs in the one from the 3rd are really perky!! :roflmfao:
  7. Oh my gosh, could they be any hotter of a couple?!! They look perfect in these photo's!!
    I love me some Vic and Becks!
  8. She has my clutch that I want. That's all I was staring at in the pics.
  9. I love her chanel clutch
  10. I'm really liking her hair now. It looks so easy to care for........precisely what I need. :lol:
  11. I love her top. Anyone knows which brand she's wearing?
  12. I love them :biggrin:
    I always love what she's wearing
  13. wow shes not wearing shorts....
  14. I'm with 'ya on that one, elongreach:yes:
  15. ! There great pics !! i like her over sized t shirt.:heart: