Victoria & David on vacation *NEW PICS*

  1. They look GREAT!!!:love:
    I am waiting for a friend of mine to send me some HQs of the pics below! LOVE the dress she is wearing!!!:nuts:
    20q02zm.jpg 20q04yw.jpg 210706holidays01.jpg 210706holidays02.jpg 210706holidays03.jpg 210706holidays04.jpg 210706holidays05.jpg 210706holidays07.jpg 210706holidays11.jpg 210706holidays08.jpg
  2. awww i loved the pictures when he hugged her
  3. so romantic :smile:.. LV_Addict thanks for these great pictures!
  4. she is starting to look very fake. with the super tan and face pulled tight? she's not looking very human in those. but i agree, great outfit tho!
  5. David is sooo hott
  6. which clutch is she holding???
  7. Oooooh, they look fabulous together! And that dress is killer!
  8. He is HOT!!! She looks like a barbie...almost not human
  9. COOL!! Thanks, LV_Addict!
  10. awww so sweet :tender:
    Love her outfit - she looks great as always! And David is sooo HOT :love:
  11. that's a some major boob job... but david is so hot. he's her best accessory yet. hehe
  12. She looks kinda scary in these pictures...kinda alien-like....maybe tone down the plastic surgery.:sad:
    Other than that the pictures are cute....especially the one of them hugging.
  13. I use to work in Harrods and I saw them a few times. She was nice and friendly with me but David was sooooooooooo sweet !!:heart: :yes:
    They seem to be very in love with each other but... you know :shrugs: after what happened here in Spain with Rebecca Loos and... the other women :true: I don't know what to think any more.
  14. I don't like the dress....It looks like a stripper dress to me. It's too "over the top" IMO. Sorry, guys.....
  15. What happened?